I am pleased to present my current course offerings, which focus on sustained learning and a lot of fun with music.


in the divisions
Classic - Flamenco - Jazz/Pop/Rock  by a teacher with an academic degree
Individual mentoring in single or group courses
  • Preparation for competitions or university studies
  • Special courses for high school students with major subject music
  • Stylistic and technical fine-tuning for advanced players
  • Ear training, harmonics teaching, morphology, composition and songwriting are part of the course
  • Talented beginners are welcome to the single courses
  • In addition to the single courses, playing circles, band coaching and chamber music for different music genres are being offered

Division Flamenco
Target: Becoming soloist and accompanist in free hearing and with sheet music
  • estilos (Rumba, Tangos, Soleá, etc.)
  • compás (groove, rhythmics, palmas )
  • solid technique
  • Falsetas (variations, composition)

Division Jazz/ Pop/ Rock
Target: soloist and accompanist in free and noted play
  • Improvisation
  • Playing from sheets
  • ensemble play
  • theory and arrangement

Division Classic
Target: becoming a concert guitarist
  • Instrumental techniques
  • Stilistics, interpretation, harmonics teaching
  • Song accompaniment
  • Chamber music with other instrumentalists

  • Young Jazz-, Rock and Pop-Bands as well as professional groups are being offered the opportunity to improve and refine their play concerning interactive listening, sound dynamics and sound adjustment and to create an authentic and unique style.
  • Walter Abt's long-time musical experience in diverse formations of Jazz and Rock as well as his studio work with bow instrument quartets and big classical orchestras are the foundation for interested groups to intensively prepare for upcoming recordings, contests, important live-gigs and to develop secure stage presence.
  • The course goes along with weekend workshops held by alternating guest teachers from the fields percussion, bass, keyboards, guitar and vocals.
  • Consultancy and Arrangement for the final mixing of recordings.


In diverse cultural establishments in the urban area of Munich in relaxed atmosphere, or alternatively directly in the group's rehearsal room.


Appointments are being made 8 weeks before, either for one-time ore regular teaching.


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